Allen White

Birth of the backdrop (minus the last parts of footage because they were corrupted). What’s recorded here is probably ten hours or so of working.

If you’re interested:

The whole project cost about $90 dollars or so, and took probably 15 hours if you include concepting and rough drawings.

-1/2 in x 4 ft x 8 ft foam sheathing panels from Lowe’s ($10 each x 4 panels)

-Household all-surface white primer as a base

-Emptied two Montana spray paint cans each (six total) of red, orange, and yellow.

-Partially emptied a black, desaturated green, white, and a lighter green of Montana’s

-Used custom stencils to block off the glasses lenses

-Used box flaps to help make crisp lines where doing it freehand wasn’t practical

-Textured the skin with a pattern that we came up with, drew onto cardboard, and    stenciled in a few places with varying intensity  

-Brushed in the camera flashes, teeth highlights, leather jacket highlights, and parts of the glasses with some of the left-over primer

-Brushed watered-down black acrylic paint for a few dark areas like teeth lowlights, neck shadow, hand texture, hair, and the dark parts of the cigarette